About the conference

Electoral democracy in Europe has been undergoing a transformation in the past decades, with the emergence of new salient political cleavages and the electoral successes of populist parties on right and the left of the political spectrum. This conference brings together world-leading scholars of political behaviour, party competition and political economy to examine these developments from both a demand and a supply perspective. One set of papers examines the determinants and dynamics of attitude formation and voting behaviour, focusing specifically on attitudes towards immigrations and voting for challenger and populist right-wing parties. A second set of papers focuses on the changing supply, examining the development of party competition and political choice in Europe. The conference also explores the implications of these changes for accountability and satisfaction with democracy.

The Participants

Catherine de Vries 

University of Essex

Tarik Abou-Chadi 

Humboldt-University Berlin

Elias Dinas 

University of Oxford

Mark Kayser  

Hertie School of Governance

Orit Kedar  

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dominik Hangartner  

ETH Zurich

Giacomo Benedetto  

Royal Holloway

Simon Hix  

Toni Rodon  

Julian Hoerner  

Sebastian Barfort 

Sara Hobolt 

Thomas Leeper 

Alexandra Cirone 


Thursday, October 26th 

Lunch, Vera Anstey Room, Old Building, LSE

Welcome and Announcements

Catherine de Vries
"Challenging the Mainstream"
Discussant: Tarik Abou-Chadi

Simon Hix
"The Rise and Fall of Social Democracy, 1918-2017"
Discussant: Mark Kayser

Coffee break

Toni Rodon & Julian Höerner
"Having a Say or Getting Your Way: Political Choice and Satisfaction with Democracy"
Discussant: Catherine de Vries

Tarik Abou-Chadi
"Voting Against the Establishment. The Effect of Government Composition on Voting for Challenger Parties"
Discussant: Sara Hobolt

Dinner for Presenters and Discussants
Brasserie Blanc 

Friday, October 27th 

Orit Kedar
"The changing gender gap in voting in Western Europe"
Discussant: Toni Rodon

Mark Kayser
"Luxury Good Policies and Electoral Accountability for the Economy"
Discussant: Ali Cirone

Coffee break

Elias Dinas
"The role of family history in shaping attitudes toward outgroups"
Discussant: Thomas Leeper

Vera Anstey Room, Old Building, LSE

Sebastian Barfort
"Labor Market Competition and Opposition to Immigration"
Discussant: Dominik Hangartner

Dominik Hangartner
"Waking Up the Golden Dawn: Does Exposure to the Refugee Crisis Increase Hostility and Support for Extreme-Right Parties?"
Discussant: Sebastian Barfort

The Venue

London School of Economics and Political Science, Vera Anstey Room, Old Building (see this map or get directions).

The Sponsors

The main funding for this event comes from European Research Council grant ERC-CoG-2014 647835-EUDEMOS (PI: Sara Hobolt)

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The event is co-sponsered by the LSE Department of Government Departmental Research Fund.